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Technology, social software and Personal Learning Environments

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Pre session tasks


  1. Introductions, reflection on previous course learning
  2. Negotiation of programme and tasks / pedagogy


Session 1: Technology, Social Software and Personal Learning Environments



  • to examine the definitions and functions of social software
  • to examine a range of different social software applications
  • to consier the pedagogic applications of social software for teaching and learning
  • to discuss the concept of the Personal Learning Environment
  • to explore the possible implications of Personal Learning Environments for teaching and training





  1. Examine different social software applications (brainstorm, show and tell)
  2. Look at different pedagogic applications of a social software application (groupwork, plenary)
  3. An introduction to Personal Learning Environments (presentation, questions and answers, discussion)
  4. Effective and ineffective learning with Information and communication Technologies (appreciative enquiry, groupwork)
  5. What is my Personal Learning Environment (groupwork, presentations)



  1. Video: (Schools out). Personal Learning Environments: What they are and why they might be useful.
  2. Paper: Web 2.0, Personal Learning Environments and the future of schooling - Graham Attwell
  3. Wiki: Personal Learning Environments - Mark Van Harmelen
  4. Pictures: The future VLE - Scott Wilson; PLEs and the institution - Scott Wilson


Session 2: Introduction to e-Portfolios



  • to examine the concpet and possibel uses of e-portolios
  • to gain hands on experience in setting up an e-Portfolio
  • to discuss some of the issues in developing and implementing e-portfolios
  • to explore how to facilitate reflection on learning
  • to use social software and multi media to contrinute to a PLE or e-Portfolio
  • to reflect on personal and group learning through the course
  • to webmail





  1. Introduction to e-Porfolios (presentation)
  2. Developing an e-Portfolio (hands on)
  3. Issues with e-Portfolios (brainstorm)
  4. Faciliatating reflection (groupwork)
  5. Developing multimedia using social software (hands on)



  1. Video: e-Portfolio Development and Implementation
  2. Paper: Developing tools to support workplace competence development: e-Portfolios and apprenticeship - Graham Attwell
  3. Book: Grab your future with an e-portfolio
  4. Wiki: MOSEP project - More esteem with my e-Portfolio
  5. Web site and Blog: e-Portfolos.org - Helen Barrett


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